Marian and Ian are the owners of Health Stream Supplements.  Both have been involved in health and wellness initiatives over the past thirty years and regularly take supplements to boost their overall levels of well-being.  This commitment to sharing a very positive message about vitamin and mineral supplementation led to the formation of Health Stream Supplements.

Marian has worked in hospitals and with people with learning and mental health difficulties.  She now works with small children with learning and emotional needs in local schools.

Ian has always been into fitness and sports, specialising in track events and high jump.  He worked with disabled athletes for over ten years, preparing and training them to compete in the Olympics.  He writes books in the health niche and regularly writes health, performance and bodybuilding blogs.  He researches diets, assesses the efficacy of food supplements and keeps in trim by regular exercise.

They have two children, one of whom is pursuing a career in medical science, the other is a mathematician.

You can be assured that the products sold by Health Stream Supplements are of the highest quality, made in the UK in laboratory conditions and containing no artificial flavours, colours or additives.