Could one cause of bad breath be poor digestion?

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Efficient digestion is essential for keeping the digestional transit flowing smoothly in the gut. The quicker that food is broken down, nutrients absorbed and waste and toxins are removed, the better for overall health.  However, when levels of friendly bacteria in the digestive system are low, partially digested food is allowed to decay resulting in the production of foul gas (as well as the release of toxins into the bloodstream).  This condition is known as dysbiosis (also sometimes called dysbacteriosis), a microbial imbalance on or in the body; in other words, an imbalance of friendly versus harmful bacteria (and other micro-organisms, such as yeast, fungi and parasites).  Causes can be too much sugar or processed foods in the diet, too much alcohol, or dairy foods (which have some bearing on mucus development, offering an environment for bacteria to thrive).  Another cause can be illness.  In 2011, a study published in the journal ‘Current Opinion in Gastroenterology’ found that probiotic supplements can help to replace odour-causing oral microbes with beneficial varieties.  Health Stream Supplements have a number of suitable products to assist.