This is just brilliant news. Did you know that…..

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People with various types of cancer respond better to their treatments when they have the right mix of bacteria in their gut.  Two separate studies- one from Paris and one in America- both found that certain types of gut bacteria could boost the chance of patients responding to their treatment.  Immunotherapy, as it is known, has under certain circumstances effectively cured some patients with hitherto untreatable conditions when the correct mix of drugs are applied- in other words the right mix of ‘bugs’ could determine whether tumours would shrink when treated with conventional drugs.  We at Health Stream Supplements have always held that health has good diet at its core but that effective use of the right supplements can boost wellness in a huge range of ways.  I had my gut-boosting bacteria this morning as usual and will continue to do so as I genuinely believe that it is allowing me to be as well as possible for each and every day I am here.  After all, prevention is better than cure- but if you have to be cured, then this news is an affirmation that I am doing the right thing for me, my spouse and my family.   If you can do this then you have maximised your chances of avoiding nasty conditions.  The ‘Times’ extract from which this is taken confirms this.