Younger looking skin can start from the inside.

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Every human person is pretty darned amazing.  There is still so much about how our bodies actually function that we don’t know about, and fortunately the complex processes run smoothly most of the time.  But by the simple act of functioning and metabolising food we are creating damaging elements called free radicals in our bodies as a by-product.  Free radicals are also produced as a result of other factors, some of which we struggle to control such as environmental pollution, sunlight, worry and stress, UV rays, poor diet, too much alcohol, smoking and X-rays.  Free radicals can contribute to aging, general reduction on function and skin damage  Now for the science-y bit!

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage DNA and cell structure. They cause harm because they are constantly trying to stabilise by attempting to ‘steal’ electrons from nearby molecules. This, in turn, damages those molecules and makes them unstable too, causing them to also seek out other electrons creating a vicious circle is created.  Help is at hand by utilising the wonderful properties of antioxidants.  Their most important characteristic in terms of supporting the body against free radicals is that they are stable with or without the extra electron, so they can help to stop the chain reaction referred to above. Turmeric Immune Support is particularly useful in a number of ways as, while helping to protect cells from oxidative damage, it also assists with supporting the immune system- particularly important at this time of year!